Hannan Jones
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“This story I am going to tell you is the same story as any Algerian will tell you when you’re living abroad...”

Dear F... is a hybrid documentary that navigates the intricate dynamics between personal and collective histories. Intertwining stories of Algerian migrants and their diaspora. Born in the early 90s, the filmmaker discovers a cache of letters from that turbulent time, shedding light on the challenges faced by Algerians.

Blending the past and the present day through conversation with local barber Walid, whose shop is adorned with Algerian identity. The barbershop itself a symbol of transformation, knowledge and community, navigates how migrant identities connect with ideas of home. Dear F... nurtures connections through letters and conversations, always circling back to the starting point.

Director: Hannan Jones
Producer: Karen Kelly
Director of Photography: Alexander Hetherington
Editor: Reman Sadani
Sound Design: Murray Collier
Commissioner: GMAC Film

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