Hannan Jones
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‘High Energy, Heavy Feelings’,
6 limited edition dub-plates, 2018

‘Artists who make Music, Musicians who make Art’, group show, Queens Park Railway Club curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair
A1 - High Energy
B1 - On Request

Spoken word stories and percussion by the artist Hannan Jones, exploring rhythm, time expansion and subtraction in recollections.

Each side of the dub plate reflects the other, and speaks stories of living in a Glasgow tenement flat. Specifically about the clock and the close* .

*Generically such an alleyway is termed a close /ˈkloʊs/, a Scots term for alleyway, although it may be individually named close, entry, court, or wynd. A close is private property, hence gated and closed to the public, whereas a wynd is an open thoroughfare, usually wide enough for a horse and cart.

Produced for Artists who make Music, Musicians who make Art curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair.
Sinclair has invited 100 members from the art and music communities to submit an artwork, (irrespective of which form they are best known for) and to contribute an example of their music for a digital mix-tape that will be played in the space.

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