Hannan Jones
2023 Site of Sound ( sound ) ( installation ) next project

The Site of Sound, 2023 (details) Infinite tape, cassette player, speaker, amp and
wallpaper. Multiple dimensions: Wallpaper 248 x 124 cm, Speaker 48 x 39.5 mm

Rupture, Rapture: Womxn in Collage brings together new and existing works, alongside special commissions to showcase collage in an expanded field, incorporating multimedia, sculpture, sound and performance art. Displaying over twenty collage works by 14 womxn artists, this exhibition challenges the notion of collage as a fixed category or form—instead revealing collage as a feminist praxis of transformation, rupture, and collision.

Commissioned works will be presented by 16NSt resident artists’ Edie Baker, Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin, and Hannan Jones, developed in-situ at Patricia Fleming Gallery, along with a collage installation and performance from Jen DeNike (16th Sep), exhibiting the artist’s work in Scotland for the first time.

New and historic work will be shown by Sam Ainsley, Claire Barclay, Barbara F. Kendrick, Janie Nicoll, Kate V. Robertson, and Catherine Street.

Significant existing works will be displayed by Louise Hopkins, Zoë Mendelson, Victoria Morton, and Alberta Whittle.

Curated by Aga Paulina Młyńczak and Nell Cardozo with support from Kelly Rappleye (16NSt Curatorial Collective), Sam Ainsley (artist and former Head of Glasgow School of Art’s MFA) and artist Janie Nicoll, this survey exhibition hosted by Patricia Fleming Gallery displays a diverse repertoire of over twenty collage works, several of which have never been shown before.

Photo credit: Photo by Aga Paulina Młyńczak, Exhibition curated by Cardozo and Młyńczak, 16NSt Curatorial Collective, hosted by Patricia Fleming Gallery

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