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 Selected Works

︎︎︎ Current 
Edinburgh Art Festival
Assosciate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey Channels
Bridge 2 & 3, Union Canal, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
Well Projects, Margate 
Duo show with Shamica Ruddock

︎︎︎ New Horizons (2020-ongoing)
        audio and visual installation

︎︎︎  Hard Drive 
       moving image 
︎︎︎ Of an Address
        installation         ︎

︎︎︎ Back of the Day
          audio and visual installation 

︎︎︎  To Be Continued....         
audio and visual installation


︎︎︎ Current
Re-imagining In-conversation
CCA Annex

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
re/tell atlas        ︎

︎︎︎Re-imagining In-conversation   
Counterflows 2022 

︎︎︎High Energy, Heavy Feelings
 ︎︎︎ Dub-plate 
Self-Release (Editon of 6)

︎︎︎Human Jones
︎︎︎ Super Pit

LP compilation

︎︎︎Pussy Mothers
 ︎︎︎ The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music

︎︎︎Radio Shows
︎︎︎ Margate Radio
  ︎︎︎  Clyde Built Radio
    ︎︎︎ Synaptic Island (Guest w/ Sham Ruddock)
       ︎︎︎ Balamii - Beat Kitchen (live)

Curatorial & Programming Projects   

Committee Member / Transmission Gallery

Warrior/Worrier for Shifting Tactics
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Dardishi Film Festival         
September 2021

Paper Mountain         ︎

︎︎︎ Collective Care
Moreland Festival

Glasgow International 2016 



Hard Drive, 17m, 2020

Audio and video collaboration with Murray Collier
Hard Drive is a haphazard collage of sound and moving image sliced together with unsanctioned aesthetics and sonic stutters. Visually composed with photographs, iPhone recordings, saved images and outtakes from past projects that are textured with loud bursts and overlays.

These archives and manipulation allow a new relationship to be explored and presented, functioning away from their usual dormant position within a hard drive. Fast paced, disrupted and disparate semi-diaristic materials form a swooping, jarring experience elevated by the soundtrack.

Predominately constructed through samples, snippets of conversation and electronic equipment the audio component is a layered reverberation that provides new potentials for readings as well as a standing alone lo-fi experience, recorded in a home studio in Glasgow.

A richly textured film that does not shy away from swooping, jarring, peeling, beating and bouncing off, between and through the moving image and soundscape commissioned by Pop Mutations as part of their virtual festival.

Please contact for viewing.