Gallery Unit, Glasgow International 2016
Collaborative exhibition and co-curation with Rachael Simpson
'I Open Sometime' is a collaboration between artists Hannan Jones and Rachael Simpson, together with The Savoy Centre.

The collaboration advocates an open and ongoing conversation about publicly engaged contemporary art today, allowing a reflection upon community and social functions.

At the heart of 'I Open Sometime' is language, inspired by introductions, connections, advice, stories and receptions. The work embraces conversation as art and utilises accessible materials such as video and sonic installations, text based works and playfully re-imagined everyday objects.

The refocussing of everyday conversation into an art based context allows the audience time to consider the intricacies of language and communication, concepts explored by Hannan and Rachael through the video works in which they dismantle the words, through intimate sensory interaction, which make up familiar conversations; gossip, advice and story-telling.
The concept of cultural identity is also an important part of their correspondence; where dialect, accent and colloquialisms are intrinsically part of the conversation, with the artists being from two different English-speaking countries on either side of the world.The artists purposefully evade these boundaries and explore trust, stability and confidence within the act of collaborating and most importantly, sharing.

This research-participatory-project-based exhibition allows others to play a role within he exhibition, and move away from the observer position, through artist lead workshops and discussions that contribute that towards both the material and conceptual context of the show.