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 Selected Works

︎︎︎ Current 
Edinburgh Art Festival
Assosciate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey Channels
Bridge 2 & 3, Union Canal, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
Well Projects, Margate 
Duo show with Shamica Ruddock

︎︎︎ New Horizons (2020-ongoing)
        audio and visual installation

︎︎︎  Hard Drive 
       moving image 
︎︎︎ Of an Address
        installation         ︎

︎︎︎ Back of the Day
          audio and visual installation 

︎︎︎  To Be Continued....         
audio and visual installation


︎︎︎ Current
Re-imagining In-conversation
CCA Annex

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
re/tell atlas        ︎

︎︎︎Re-imagining In-conversation   
Counterflows 2022 

︎︎︎High Energy, Heavy Feelings
 ︎︎︎ Dub-plate 
Self-Release (Editon of 6)

︎︎︎Human Jones
︎︎︎ Super Pit

LP compilation

︎︎︎Pussy Mothers
 ︎︎︎ The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music

︎︎︎Radio Shows
︎︎︎ Margate Radio
  ︎︎︎  Clyde Built Radio
    ︎︎︎ Synaptic Island (Guest w/ Sham Ruddock)
       ︎︎︎ Balamii - Beat Kitchen (live)

Curatorial & Programming Projects   

Committee Member / Transmission Gallery

Warrior/Worrier for Shifting Tactics
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Dardishi Film Festival         
September 2021

Paper Mountain         ︎

︎︎︎ Collective Care
Moreland Festival

Glasgow International 2016 



Audio and visual installation 

Gallery Unit Glasgow International 2016

Collaboration with Rachael Simpson
Installation view of ‘I OPEN SOMETIME’ for Glasgow International 2016 at Gallery Unit, duo exhibition and co-curated by Hannan Jones and Rachael Simpson

At the heart of 'I OPEN SOMETIME' is language, inspired by introductions, connections, advice, stories and receptions. The work embraces conversation as art and utilises accessible materials such as video and sonic installations, text based works and playfully re-imagined everyday objects found within the location of the gallery and studio space. 

The artists held residence within this space for a year prior, their relationship to the community, shopkeepers and visitors influenced the response, aesthetics and informed their relationship as emerging artists to art within public spaces. 

In responding to these themes, collaboratively they refocus the everyday conversation into an art based context allowing the audience time to consider the intricacies of language and communication.

Here, Rachael and Hannan dismantle their own relationship too, the multi-channel video presents an intimate sensory interaction. The video is silent, and the artists take turn to map out letter by letter a conversation on one others back, whilst the reciever translates this onto a white wall with a pen. Eligible as it is, they are communicating in silence familiar conversations; gossip, advice and story-telling. It is left for the collaborator to interpret through the feeling, over spoken language, testing and considering the intimacy of collaboration and intutive understandings. 

In contrast to the silent video presentation, the artists explore the concept of cultural identity and signifiers as an important part of their correspondence. Dialect, accent and colloquialisms are intrinsically part of the conversation heard over a quadrophonic speaker set in the roof of Gallery Unit. Overheard is two voices, one possessing a Scottish accent and the second an Australian accent. Rachael and Hannan overtly promote this space between two different English-speaking countries on either side of the world. Purposefully the artists explore familiarity, trust, stability and confidence within the act of collaborating. 

I OPEN SOMETIME is a research-participatory-project-based exhibition that also allows others to play a role within the exhibition, and move away from the observer position. Artist led workshops and discussions/events were held throughout the duration of  ‘I OPEN SOMETIME’ that provided responses to be exhibited in the gallery alongside the artists, the exhibition evolved mirroring the concepts that both artists had been exploring, expanding collaboration into collectivity. I OPEN SOMETIME was proudly part of Glasgow International 2016.