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 Selected Works

︎︎︎ Current 
Edinburgh Art Festival
Assosciate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey Channels
Bridge 2 & 3, Union Canal, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
Well Projects, Margate 
Duo show with Shamica Ruddock

︎︎︎ New Horizons (2020-ongoing)
        audio and visual installation

︎︎︎  Hard Drive 
       moving image 
︎︎︎ Of an Address
        installation         ︎

︎︎︎ Back of the Day
          audio and visual installation 

︎︎︎  To Be Continued....         
audio and visual installation


︎︎︎ Current
Re-imagining In-conversation
CCA Annex

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
re/tell atlas        ︎

︎︎︎Re-imagining In-conversation   
Counterflows 2022 

︎︎︎High Energy, Heavy Feelings
 ︎︎︎ Dub-plate 
Self-Release (Editon of 6)

︎︎︎Human Jones
︎︎︎ Super Pit

LP compilation

︎︎︎Pussy Mothers
 ︎︎︎ The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music

︎︎︎Radio Shows
︎︎︎ Margate Radio
  ︎︎︎  Clyde Built Radio
    ︎︎︎ Synaptic Island (Guest w/ Sham Ruddock)
       ︎︎︎ Balamii - Beat Kitchen (live)

Curatorial & Programming Projects   

Committee Member / Transmission Gallery

Warrior/Worrier for Shifting Tactics
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Dardishi Film Festival         
September 2021

Paper Mountain         ︎

︎︎︎ Collective Care
Moreland Festival

Glasgow International 2016 



Of an address
6 concrete laser cut slabs 

No Fixed Address, group show, 
DADAA Fremantle

29 Nov 2019 - 25 Jan 2020
'Of an address' is an initial response to exchanges, conversations and actions that were shared, overheard and undertaken during the artist's engagement at St Pat's and when sauntering through the East End of Fremantle. Addressing fleeting and ambiguous moments of jokes, advice and snippets of conversation are made permanent as a gesture to the people, those moments and the ever changing cityscape.

In an attempt to live somewhere in-between the cracks of visible and invisible, Of an Address is a silent negotiation offering a chance encounter, a gesture and an anonymous collaboration. 

These gestural scores will live in the existence of multiple locations - the gallery, the city, sinking into the ocean and be reflected vicariously their environment and audience.

Taking up themes of resilience, adaptation and displacement, No Fixed Address is a collaborative project between Perth contemporary artists, filmmakers and the St Pat’s community, based in Fremantle’s East End. The East End of Fremantle is an area undergoing rapid gentrification. At the centre of this changing landscape sits St Patrick’s Community Support Centre (St Pat’s), an NGO, which for the past 40 years has supported those who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Developed over the past year, No Fixed Address explores survival tactics, rituals and ways of moving within and occupying public space as strategies to subvert environmental and economic precarity. Unfolding as a series of workshops, public events, installations, film works and an exhibition at DADAA Fremantle, No Fixed Address responds to the social and built environments of this radically changing part of Fremantle.

Produced by Katherine Wilkinson and Chris Williams
Photography Jessica Wyld


Panel Discusssion - Jan. 23. This panel will bring together social impact researchers, urban planning experts, the St Pat’s community and artists to discuss the importance of social housing and building diversity in our urban centres. Speaking on topics such as urban sprawl, displacement, inclusive cities and design. 


Dr Mariana Atkins, Urban Geographer, The Centre for Social Impact
Dr Holly Farley, Research Fellow, Fremantle School of Architecture, The University of Notre Dame Australia
Dr Shane Greive, Urban and Regional Planning, School of Design and Built Environment, Curtin University
Michael Piu, CEO, St Patrick's Community Support Centre
Heather Thompson, Senior Assertive Outreach Worker, 20 Lives 20 Homes Program.
Lisette Kaleveld, Research Officer, The Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia

Artists | Janet Carter, Olga Cironis, Hannan Jones, Tanya Lee, Lincoln Mackinnon, Mike Moshos, Rebecca Riggs-Bennett, Susan Roux, and Wade Taylor. In collaboration with | Sun McIntyre, Tony Borg, Adrian Maximiw, The Starlight Hotel Choir, and St Pat’s staff and community.