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Sound Practice

Performance for NTS x Tate Lates, The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2016 

Re-Imaginging In Conversation, CCA, Theatre, Counterflows 2022 Live Performance by Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock 


Human Jones
Weaponise Your Sound
Various Artist LP
Curated by Kristina Mccormick AKA DIET CLINIC for International Womens Day

Hannan Bouchemla Jones - High Energy, Heavy Feelings
6 limited edition dub-plates, Self Released

Pussy Mothers
The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music


Synaptic Island ‘World Building’ 
with Shamica Ruddock & Hannan Jones

Margate Radio Resident 
2020 - 2021

March 21

Feb. 21






Clyde Built Radio - Radio Residency
Echo Party
(Murray Collier & Hannan Jones)

Red Light Radio / Amsterdam
Live Stream

Choice Mix - Red Bull Radio
hosted by Lauren Martin  

Camp Doogs [interview] - RTRfm
Western Australia

Friendly Potential, New Zealand 

MIX BY Pussy Mothers

Selected Performances, live sets and radio shows

Hannan Jones x Pat Thomas x Shamica Ruddock / Counterflows 2023
Hannan Jones x Pat Thomas x Shamica Ruddock / Cafe Oto 

Hannan Jones, Re/Tell Atlas, New Radicalisms / Rotterdam
Re-Imagining In Conversation, with Shamica Ruddock / Counterflows / Glasgow 
Bonjour, DJ set for Kendal Koppe and Roberts Gallery afterparty! / Glasgow
Edinburgh Art Festival, Lochrine Belle Canal Boat, opening the Associate Artist Programme on the Union Canal

Margate Radio [monthly resident]

Margate Radio [monthly resident]
Clyde Built Radio Residency with Murray Collier (Grim Lusk/Dip Friso) / Online Broadcast

Human Jones DJ Set for Huntleys + Palmers DJ Set for H+P Clyde Built Release / Civic House, Glasgow
Human Jones release of Some Divide / H+ P Clyde Built Compilition / Online
Greenwave Beth / Pussy Mothers / Impatiens / Vanessa Worm / CCXO - The Bank, Newtown, Sydney
HEAD RUSH w/ Pussy Mothers (Optimo), River Yarra, Vanessa Worm - Boney, Melbourne
The Tote under alias ‘Echo Party’ for Chapter Music w/ Honey 2 Honey and Fia Fiell, Melbourne

High Energy, Heavy Feelings (edition of 6) exhibitied at Artists in Music, Musicians in Art, curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair for Queens Park Railway Club / Glasgow

Camp Doogs / Various Artists, Western Australia
Green Door Studios - Ghana Fundraiser Party / JD Twitch, Pussy Mothers, Sordid Sound System, Ghana Soundz, powered by the TLC Sound System The African Arts Centre HQ, Glasgow
DAISIES ( a collaboration between Katie Shannon and France-Lise McGurn) / MoRvEn iS tHe MEdIum / featuring RIBEKA, PUSSY MOTHERS (DJ), SUSANNAH STARK (LIVE) and NATALIE, The Poetry Club, Glasgow
Uniqlo x NTS X Tate Lates / Wolfgang Tillmans live visuals for Powell (live), DEBONAIR, Pussy Mothers (live) - The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London
Awarded funding from Country Arts WA, QRG for Tate Lates
Record Store Day 2017 / Snails, Breakfast Muff, Pussy Mothers and Teen Canteen - Monorail, Glasgow Talbot Rice & Paradise Palms present: after hours / Pussy Mothers (live stream ) Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

LOOSEN UP / Pussy Mothers, In The Dancehall At The Rum Shack, Glasgow
Das Gift /  Pussy Mothers (DJ Set), Berlin
Shameless/Limitless / Pussy Mothers, Jack Chosef, Loophole, Berlin
Redlight Radio / DJ Set, Amsterdam
REWIRE / Various Artists, Pussy Mothers (live) at Prins27, The Hague
Rhythm Machine / Studio 24, Pussy Mothers (live), visual artists PEEL EEZY, Edinburgh
New Values 012, Weird Dreams /  Pussy Mothers (live), Stag’s Head, London
Green Door’s 9th Birthday Party / Various Artists, Poetry Club, Glasgow
IMMIGRANT TRACKS / Golden Filter, Underspreche, Pussy Mothers, Iona Fortune (DJ), La Cheetah, Glasgow
Jacuzzi General x Pussy Mothers DJ (Head to Head), Paradise Palms, Edinburgh
Night of the Jaguar / Pussy Mothers (live), The Art School, Glasgow
GLARC tour / Still House Plants, Pussy Mothers, Groan Vessel, Luar Domatrix, Fuse Art Space, Bradford & Cafe Oto, London
Ideal Mexico / Pussy Mothers & Various Artists, Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland  
CROC REMAINS / Various Artists, Stereo, Glasgow