Presented as part of Sound Thought 2017 in collaboration with Murray Collier

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

A diptych video and sound installation translating current reflections on experiences of place, transit, time, and perspective. It centres on the artists maintaining common points of reference in different environments, and the maintaining in contact with loved ones over a long distance, and across time zones.  

Formed simultaneously over two locations; Western Australia and Scotland, by each artist, the films produced seek to represent two sides of a conversation, a communication between two wholly different environments.

Tied together by one common soundtrack, with the elements shown on screen at times either appearing to be in harmony or at odds with the soundtrack, and with elements of the soundtrack eliciting different perceptions when viewing each film.

The overall installation encourages the audience to consider perception from a sonic perspective. To consider how sound intertwines the narratives contained in each film, and how it lends itself to both environments despite the stark visual contrast.

It seeks to aesthetically challenge and experiment with sonic and visual structures, with the sound acting as the communication tool between two visual environments.

The Back of the Day (Excerpt side 1/2 - no sound)