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 Selected Works

︎︎︎ Current 
Edinburgh Art Festival
Assosciate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey Channels
Bridge 2 & 3, Union Canal, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
Well Projects, Margate 
Duo show with Shamica Ruddock

︎︎︎ New Horizons (2020-ongoing)
        audio and visual installation

︎︎︎  Hard Drive 
       moving image 
︎︎︎ Of an Address
        installation         ︎

︎︎︎ Back of the Day
          audio and visual installation 

︎︎︎  To Be Continued....         
audio and visual installation


︎︎︎ Current
Re-imagining In-conversation
CCA Annex

︎︎︎ Forthcoming
re/tell atlas        ︎

︎︎︎Re-imagining In-conversation   
Counterflows 2022 

︎︎︎High Energy, Heavy Feelings
 ︎︎︎ Dub-plate 
Self-Release (Editon of 6)

︎︎︎Human Jones
︎︎︎ Super Pit

LP compilation

︎︎︎Pussy Mothers
 ︎︎︎ The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music

︎︎︎Radio Shows
︎︎︎ Margate Radio
  ︎︎︎  Clyde Built Radio
    ︎︎︎ Synaptic Island (Guest w/ Sham Ruddock)
       ︎︎︎ Balamii - Beat Kitchen (live)

Curatorial & Programming Projects   

Committee Member / Transmission Gallery

Warrior/Worrier for Shifting Tactics
Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

︎︎︎ Dardishi Film Festival         
September 2021

Paper Mountain         ︎

︎︎︎ Collective Care
Moreland Festival

Glasgow International 2016 



To Be Continued...

Quadraphonic sonic installation and multi-channel syncronised film, metal and 18 ply hand made circular benches accompanied with A3 Gloss handouts.  

Tontine Building, Glasgow, Scotland
To Be Continued... is a participatory and collaborative work, performing the act of the game which may be more commonly known as; Russian scandal, whisper down the lane, broken telephone, operator, grapevine and/or the messenger.

The looped multi-channel film features 22 friends, peers and students, predominately members of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art wider community who were asked to perform the game of passing around a secret message. Recieving and sharing with the person alike. A excerise in which we pay close attention to the act of listening, interpreting, misinterpreting and translating form and the meaning of speech.

Formally, the core of the exploration is commonly known as ‘mondegreen’, coined by Sylvia Wright’s essay in an issue of Harper’s Magazine, 1954. The Eytmology stems from a misheard 17th century Scots ballad, ‘The Bonnie Earl O Moray’ 

Ye Highlands and ye Lawlands
Oh where have you been?
They have slain the Earl o' Moray
And layd him on the green”

In To Be Continued... the messages are formed, reformed, interpreted and misinterpreted. The quadraphonic sound circulates the voices sending them in a circular direction. To Be Continued... is light hearted and honest. It explores communication and the diverse ways in which we form ‘company’ and interpret news, gossip, stories and sharing. 

250 A3 gloss print transcripts are available.