Hannan Jones
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New Horizons (2020 - ongoing) manifests itself through a sound and video installation consisting of deconstructed vehicle parts such as car doors, a digital rearview mirror, car stereo and car speakers.

Installed within an intimate space these objects house a soundscape and looped video piece that explores intersectional identities. The soundscape is anchored in delays and disruptions using samples from a selection of specific music genres and movements.

The sounds are filtered through me to explore chaos, identity, migration and displacement. In composing these tracks I considered this an investigation into the complexities of cultural identity, existing within the diaspora and an exploration into sound as a multi-sensory experience that can tap into memory, space and position. I considered how we can transmit unknown knowledges that are embedded in sound, and my intention is to communicate or gesture towards these complex personal and collective experiences. Through the act of world building, re-imagining and sampling.

The video piece is an animated landscape that is looped on display in the digital rear-view mirror. Featuring a non-specific terrain that is moving slowly, setting the pace and a focal point for the audience member to become present within the installation. The hyper-real digital aesthetic is suggestive towards alternative possible existences and parallel spaces. It provokes questions that stem from our assumed knowledge of cartography, territory and landscape.

The installation creates an instinctive invitation to immerse in this carrier for disjointed realities, gesturing and questioning ourselves and our assumed knowledges of belonging, cartography and territories. Moving towards alternative possible experiences and highlighting the state of flux amongst the traditional way that we underpin identity and belonging.

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