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PEAKS 2019 


Sponsored by City of Perth,  DLGSC Culture and the Arts, WA and RTR FM  92.1

PEAKS 2019
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“PEAKS is a celebration of compelling, risky and loud approaches to visual art and performance for FRINGE WORLD Festival 2019!

Themes of shock, humour and unique intimacies will take you on a creative safari with this crème de la crème female forward line-up, offering new and existing works that have been curated to reflect and enhance the conversations, concepts and peaks of today’s society.

PEAKS confronts the present whilst reflecting on community and togetherness through a panoramic range of innovative and playful art forms brought together by a smorgasbord of local, national and international artists from all stages of their practices, providing insight into all-embracing disciplines within the arts.

These events take place across several venues in Northbridge – sprawling from Paper Mountain into the City Arts Space, and onto the Perth Cultural Centre Screen.

This years program not only highlights and champions women at the forefront, but also makes room for serendipity through ‘Endless Answers’, a ballot- drawn selection of performances and exhibitions.

In light of collective opportunity, PEAKS is partnering with Perth Centre for Photography and EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh, to bring together a series of moving and still image exhibitions, presented every day throughout FRINGE WORLD Festival 2019 from 4 pm on the Perth Cultural Centre Screen – so find yourself some shade and enjoy the show!

In addition, EMBASSY Gallery will be undertaking a curatorial exchange as part of PEAKS, providing international cross-pollination of art forms amongst artist-run initiatives.

PEAKS provides a welcoming platform for experimentation, fostering a positive creative community, and challenging the status quo – from an intimate party under a giant skirt to an empowering portrait series of women and non-binary people of colour. PEAKS opens up discussion, welcomes spectatorship and encourages immersion!

This summer we very warmly invite you to dive head-first into our program and join us in celebrating emerging artists and these captivating live events as part of PEAKS in 2019!”

– Hannan Jones


Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, event space and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA. 

Peaks 2019 was co-produced alongsid Kelsey Douglas, Steven Finch, Pia Fruin  and Hannan Jones

Embassy Gallery, workshop - ‘Hope this Finds You Well’

This workshop will be structured around cultural capital and support mechanisms. This workshop will focus on the similarities, differences and complexities which face graduates and early career practitioners within Scotland and Australia today.

ENDLESS ANSWERS:  Chloe Nolan, Make Me Pretty 

Endless Answers draws our attention to the chance occurrence of our togetherness, artist and audience, creating a unique moment together. Drawn from our launch night, Endless Answers champions possibility and creative approaches in arts practice.

It is a sub-programme chosen through a ballot draw, alleviating nepotism within the arts and giving everybody an oppurtunity to exhibit, perform and try something new.

My Account of Being Nowhere,  Luoyi Tan (Singapore)  at City Art Space

Photographed at Artist Talk  with PEAKS team, exhibitors and visitors. 

“This project is an exploration of the domestic space as an expression of the inner self, creating confessional work with exposure of lack of private space as a method of expressing personal emotional experiences. As opposed to replication of private spaces, this work hints at non-existent domestic spaces as a mode of confession – a crumbling shelter made of fragments of dirt and dust, covering yet exposing”.

The Colour of Earth by Tasha Tong, Paper Mountain Gallery during PEAKS 2019

Artist Talk about  The Colour of Earth, a photo series that explores the distinct identities of women and non-binary people of colour in WA and their experiences; what it means to exist in this world as a woman and non-white, and a celebration of our differences and growth in a world that threatens to stem it, a world that would rather people like us not exist, let alone thrive.