Hannan Jones
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Re/tell Atlas is a sonic journey that invites listeners to experience the complex themes of migration, language, origin, and chaos through sound.

An ongoing sound work with iterations that explores the themes of migration, language, origin, and chaos through a unique sonic assemblage. The project is created from the point of view of a mixed-heritage experience. Using sampling techniques to create a fractal patchwork of hybrid rhythms that echo both collective and autobiographical experiences.

Drawing inspiration from pioneers in the field of sound experimentation, such as Nicolas Collins and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and uses methods like music concrete and tape manipulations to create the sonic patchwork. Re/Tell Atlas involves selecting vinyl records, cassette tapes, and other archives, and using these sources to create a soundscape that reflects the my mixed origins both from this ‘in-between’ perspective and a speculative position.

Re/tell Atlas received support from Sound and Music (UK), and a cassette edition is currently in development. This edition has been expanded, edited, and mixed specifically for listening pleasures, and offers listeners a unique and engaging perspective on the complex themes explored in the project.

Sourced materials pictured from left to right: DjurDjura (vinyl), Groupe De Femmes Algériennes Djurdjura (vinyl), SAID EL HEMRI, S/T (cassette) Cheb Adelhak, Sarbi Sarbi (cassette) and Songs and Music of Algeria (vinyl).

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