Human Jones / Pussy Mothers / Hannan Bouchemla Jones / Groan Vessel / Radio Transmissions / past gigs etc [below]

 VINYL RELEASES                                                                                                                       

Human Jones - Superpit - Weaponise Your Sound (Optimo)
Various Artist LP,  2019
for International Womens Day curated by Kristina Mccormick AKA DIET CLINIC 

Hannan Bouchemla Jones - High Energy, Heavy Feelings
6 limited edition dub-plates, Self Released
Artists in Music, Musicians in Art
Curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair
Queens Park Railway Club, 2018

Pussy Mothers - The Number 1 EP
Optimo Music
EP, 2016

 Reviews of The Number 1 EP                                                                                                                 
> "Slow motion cosmic disco with loose-limbed percussion, hip-twisting grooves and vocal athletics" – NTS Radio

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 Selected Performances, Sets and Radio Transmissions                                                          


Clyde Built Radio Residency with Murray Collier (Grim Lusk/Dip Friso) / Online Broadcast


Human Jones DJ Set for Huntleys + Palmers DJ Set for H+P Clyde Built Release / Civic House, Glasgow
Human Jones release of Some Divide / H+ P Clyde Built Compilition / Online
Greenwave Beth / Pussy Mothers / Impatiens / Vanessa Worm / CCXO - The Bank, Newtown, Sydney
HEAD RUSH w/ Pussy Mothers (Optimo), River Yarra, Vanessa Worm - Boney, Melbourne
The Tote under alias ‘Echo Party’ for Chapter Music w/ Honey 2 Honey and Fia Fiell, Melbourne 


No Show
High Energy, Heavy Feelings (edition of 6) exhibitied at Artists in Music, Musicians in Art, curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair for Queens Park Railway Club / Glasgow


Camp Doogs / Various Artists, Western Australia
Green Door Studios - Ghana Fundraiser Party / JD Twitch, Pussy Mothers, Sordid Sound System, Ghana Soundz, powered by the TLC Sound System - The African Arts Centre HQ, Glasgow
DAISIES ( a collaboration between Katie Shannon and France-Lise McGurn) / MoRvEn iS tHe MEdIum / featuring RIBEKA, PUSSY MOTHERS (DJ), SUSANNAH STARK (LIVE) and NATALIE, The Poetry Club, Glasgow
Uniqlo x NTS X Tate Lates / Wolfgang Tillmans live visuals for Powell (live), DEBONAIR, Pussy Mothers (live) - The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London 
Awarded funding from Country Arts WA, QRG for Tate Lates
Record Store Day 2017 / Snails, Breakfast Muff, Pussy Mothers and Teen Canteen - Monorail, Glasgow
Talbot Rice & Paradise Palms present: after hours / Pussy Mothers (live stream ) Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh


LOOSEN UP / Pussy Mothers, In The Dancehall At The Rum Shack , Glasgow 
Das Gift /  Pussy Mothers (DJ Set), Berlin
Shameless/Limitless / Pussy Mothers, Jack Chosef, Loophole, Berlin
Redlight Radio / DJ Set, Amsterdam
REWIRE / Various Artists, Pussy Mothers (live) at Prins27, The Hague
Rhythm Machine / Studio 24, Pussy Mothers (live), visual artists PEEL EEZY, Edinburgh
New Values 012, Weird Dreams /  Pussy Mothers (live), Stag’s Head, London
Green Door’s 9th Birthday Party / Various Artists, Poetry Club, Glasgow
IMMIGRANT TRACKS / Golden Filter, Underspreche, Pussy Mothers, Iona Fortune (DJ), La Cheetah, Glasgow
Jacuzzi General x Pussy Mothers DJ (Head to Head), Paradise Palms, Edinburgh
Night of the Jaguar / Pussy Mothers (live), The Art School, Glasgow
GLARC tour / Still House Plants, Pussy Mothers, Groan Vessel, Luar Domatrix, Fuse Art Space, Bradford & Cafe Oto, London
Ideal Mexico / Pussy Mothers & Various Artists, Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland  
CROC REMAINS / Various Artists, Stereo, Glasgow


Clyde Built Radio - Radio Residency as Echo Party / Broadcast out of Glasgow 

Red Light Radio / Amsterdam

Choice Mix - Red Bull Radio hosted by Lauren Martin / Online 

Camp Doogs [interview] - RTRfm / Western Australia

Friendly Potential, New Zealand 



Above: Live at Cafe Oto 

Live Stream at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh


Live at Tate Modern, Turbine Hall live projections by Wolfgang Tillmans, Tate Lates, 2017