Hannan Jones
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‘The Shift’ an exhibition of new works by Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock at Well Projects Margate.

In ‘The Shift’ Jones & Rudock use sound to bring structure to a collaborative practice of world building, that draws on their individual diasporic experience and the interconnected histories that exist across borders, through time and into imagined futures.

Emanating from two domed ‘sound showers’, echoes and resonances spread throughout the space in a reflection of the artist's collaborative sensibilities; through engaging with sound and its histories the rhythms of places begin to unfold, and through processes of stretching, manipulation and distortion, the heartbeats of new worlds begin to emerge.

A backdrop of objects and wallpapers lifted and collaged from online photo albums reinforces a sense of knowing from a distance, a hybrid psychogeography that reconstitutes things that can be shared. From a gifted cassette tape, or the sound of an 808 kick to the plethora of images circulating online, these things become conduits to feel through relationships to places and people, known and unknown, past, present and future.

Written and Curated by Kris Lock for Seeking Channels

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