Of An Address / High Energy, Heavy Feelings / Back of the Day / To Be Continued / If I / foreign, gestures, repetition, relax  / Every time she tells the same story she tells it different / I OPEN SOMETIME  / The mouth passes on stories  / My Voice Is Your Voice Cause It's In Your Head



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Above: exhibition and performance view photographs 1,2,3 collaboration between Hannan Jones and Rachael Simpson.

Photograph 2 & 3 is documentation of the performance ‘Every time she tells the same story she tells it different’, which has been performed in multiple locations for camera and live - Summerhall for Rhythm Machine, 2019, I OPEN SOMETIME for Glasgow International 2016 and The McLellan Galleries for creative development/s.

Using touch, the artists translate the feeling of the finger to the wall, performing interpretations, negotiations, connection and stories. 

Photograph 4 is a collaborative installation by Ewan McCaffery and Robert Mills.

‘Together’ is an exhibition about close friendships and collaboration. The floor was shared amongst Hannan Jones, Rachael Simpson, Ewan McCaffery and Robert Mills.

All friends and artists based in Glasgow