Hannan Jones
FKA Hannan Bouchemla
Raised on Binjareb Noongar Boodja, Australia. Based in Glasgow, Scotland
she / her

m : hannanjones@gmail.com
i : @hannannannanananannnn


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( CV )


Current Foresight & Fiction, Goolugatup, 19 April – 2 June 2024, Australia
2022 Re-imagining In-Conversation with Shamica Ruddock, audio-visual essay commission, CCA Annex
2022 The Shift, with Shamica Ruddock, Seeking Channels curated by Kris Lock, Well Projects, Margate
2016 I OPEN SOMETIME with Rachael Simpson, Gallery Unit, Glasgow International

Forthcoming Dear F... Offline Glasgow, May 29
2024 Dear F... Alchemy Film and Arts, Hawick
2024 Working Knowledge of Ritual, Garden Utopias, curated by Kimia Collective, Marrakech
2023 Dear F... Videoclub Selected 13 Tour, RCA, London; Fabrica, Brighton; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; CCA, Glasgow and Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK
2023 Dear F... MENA Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2023 The Site of Sound, Rupture, Rapture: Womxn in Collage, 16NS at Patricia Fleming Gallery
2023 Our Purview i & ii, Tableau, Outlier, Glasgow
2023 Blue Grey Haze, commission by David Dale Gallery, Clyde Built Radio
2023 Working Knowledge of Ritual, #26 Mascara Film Club, P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2022 Surface, Bounce and Cycles, Channels curated by Emmie McLuskey, Edinburgh Art Festival
2022 How Do We Hold On? Roundtable Discussion in response to ‘May amnesia never kiss us on the mouth’ by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahm, The Common Guild, Glasgow
2022 New Horizons, Sonica 2022, Glasgow
2022 Re-imagining In Conversation, Listening Session, Counterflows 2022, Glasgow
2021 New Horizons, How to Lift Heavy, Nayland Rock Hotel supported by Margate Now, Margate
2019 Of An Address, No Fixed Address, DADAA, Fremantle
2018 High Energy / Heavy Feelings, Artists who make music, Musicians who make art, curated by Ross Sinclair, Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow
2017 Collective Care, [with Kate Davis], More Art Public Art Show, Melbourne
2017 The Back of the Day, Sound Thought 2017 [with Murray Collier], CCA, Glasgow

2024 - 25 Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge
2023 Akademie Schloss Solitude x Liquid Architecture: Algorithmic Poetry, Fellowship
2023 Rupture, Rapture: Womxn in Collage, 16 Nicholson Street @ Patricia Fleming Gallery, Glasgow
2022 The Mediterranean Route, Self-Initiated Residency, Marseille
2022 ‘Re-imagining In-Conversation' with Shamica Ruddock, CCA, Glasgow
2020-2021 Margate Radio [Monthly Broadcast], Margate
2020 Clyde Built Radio [Week Residency], Glasgow
2018 Subiaco Theatre Festival x Perth Theatre Trust, Subiaco
2017 Perth International Arts Festival, Artist Lab, Perth
2016 One-Shot Collaboration Sacrifice (TV Special): AFFECT Residency with Kinderhook & Caracas (Sol Calero, Dafna Maimon, 
Ethan Chute-Hayes, Derek Howard and Christopher Kline) for CONGLOMERATE.TV, Berlin

2024-25 Arts Council Wales Perspectives Fellowship
2024 Creative Australia
2023 Oram Awards
2022 Visual Arts and Craft Makers Award, Scotland
2021/22 CCA ANNEX X A/C Projects
2021 COVID-19 Composer Grant, Sound and Music UK
2021 DYCP, Arts Council England
2020 Ian Potter Cultural Trust
2020 The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Western Australia
2017 More Art Public Art Show, Collective Care, Melbourne

Forthcoming re/tell atlas, cassette tape, self-release
2023 HARD DRIVE, Hannan Jones X Murray Collier, Audio and visual CD release
2023 Rupture, Rapture: Womxn in Collage, 16 Nicholson Street
2023 Speculation is the Vehicle, with Shamica Ruddock, Un-Magazine, RESIST 17.1
2023 Seeking Channels, Anthology, curated by Kris Lock, Published by Park Press, Margate, England
2021 How to Lift Heavy, guided by Sepake Anigama, Park Press x Open School East
2019 WEAPONISE YOUR SOUND, LP Vinyl compilation for Independent Women's Day, curated by Kristina McCormack
2018 Some Divide, Human Jones, Cassette Compilation, Huntley + Palmers x Clyde Built
2017 Newsletter: Volume II: a collaborative archive of idea fragments, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive
2016 The Number 1 EP, 12in Vinyl, Optimo Music

2016 Beg, Borrow and Steal collaboration with Rachael Simpson, Self-published
2015 ET DIEU CREA LA FEMME edited by Tine Bek, Good Press

Current Rhubaba Choir, 2023, Artist in Residence, Mote 102, Edinburgh
2023 Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
2023 second sights and infrared sprites, CineAstra, Aya Films, Glasgow Women's Library, Glasgow
2023 Guest Lecture at UAL, Sound Art Department, London College of Communications, London
2023 Forgan Lunch Club, Radio Producer at Forgan Arts Centre, Forgan/Dundee
2022 WARRIOR/WORRIOR, Shifting Tactics x LUX Scotland, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh 

2021-2022 Transmission Gallery, Committee Member, Glasgow
2021 Dardishi, September Film Programmer, Online
2020 WARRIOR/WARRIOR, GRADJOB, Invited artist talk and broadcast partnered with Clyde Built Radio

2019 Youth Arts Creative Facilitator at Impact Arts, Ayrshire
2018/9 PEAKS at Paper Mountain ARI for FRINGE WORLD Festival [Artistic Director/Co-Producer], Perth
2018 Leonora District High School [Arts Exchange/Facilitator in Residence], Goldfields
2018 East Kalgoorlie Primary School [Arts Exchange/Facilitator in Residence], Goldfields
2017 Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School, [Arts Exchange/Facilitator in Residence], Bunbury
2014 -16 Gallery Unit & Unit, Founder, Co-Curator and Co-Ordinator, The Savoy Centre, Glasgow 

2014 Barlinnie HMP Prison, Contemporary Art Tutor, Glasgow

Forthcoming Mohammed Rowe, Hannan Jones + Conal Blake (Duo), Jin Synth and Jung (Duo), 26th May, Unit 58 London
2024 Oscillation ::: Materia Forma, Shamica Ruddock + Hannan Jones, Brussels, 30.04 – 05.05.2024
2024 DeForrest Brown Jr, Hannan Jones + Shamica Ruddock + Dr. Hannah Catherine Jones (trio), Pat Thomas (solo), Cafe Oto, London
2024 DeForrest Brown Jr, Hannan Jones + Shamica Ruddock, Conal Blake, La Chunky, Glasgow
2023 Blue Grey Haze Listening Party, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
2023 Re-Imagining In Conversation w/ Shamica Ruddock, MADEIRADiG, Maderia
2023 How Do We Hold On?, Radiophrenia, 87.9fm
2023 Re-Imagining In Conversation w/ Shamica Ruddock, Future Soundscapes Festival 2023, Silent Green, Berlin
2023 Re-Imagining In Conversation w/ Shamica Ruddock, Inner Bark of Trees, Archive Sites x SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin
2023 Home: A Domestic Fiction, Hannan Jones and Shamica Ruddock, Royal College of Art
2023 Sisters with Transistors Film, sonic response, Events Research Project, Civic House, Glasgow
2023 Hannan Jones x Pat Thomas x Shamica Ruddock (trio) with Fred Moten, Gerald Cleaver, Brandon Lopez (trio), Counterflows 2023
2023 Hannan Jones x Pat Thomas x Shamica Ruddock (trio) with Ain Bailey and Dr. Edward George, Cafe Oto
2022 Re/Tell Atlas, Hannan Jones, Edinburgh Art Festival, Union Canal Performance, Edinburgh
2022 Re/Tell Atlas, Hannan Jones, New Radicalisms, Rotterdam
2022 Human Jones (DJ) Bonjour, for Kendal Koppe and Roberts Gallery afterparty, Glasgow

2022 Re-Imagining In Conversation w/ Shamica Ruddock, Counterflows, CCA, Glasgow
2019 Human Jones (DJ), Huntleys + Palmers Clyde Built Release, Civic House, Glasgow 

2019 The Tote, Chapter Music w/ Honey 2 Honey and Fia Fiell, Melbourne 

2017 Green Door Studios - Ghana Fundraiser Party, The African Arts Centre HQ, Glasgow

2017 DAISIES (curated by Katie Shannon + France-Lise McGurn), MoRvEn iS tHe MEdIum, The Poetry Club
2017 Uniqlo x NTS X Tate Lates with live visuals by Wolfgang Tillmans, The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

2021 Node Centre for Curatorial Studies: Decolonizing Curatorial and Artistic Practices
2020 - 21 Open School East, Associate Artist Programme
2012 - 2016 Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art


E. hannanjones@gmail.com