High Energy, Heavy Feelings
Back of the Day
To Be Continued... 
If I lose you 
foreign, gestures, repetition, relax       
Every time she tells the same story she tells it different
The mouth passes on stories... 
Welcome to Glasgow [under maintenance]
My Voice Is Your Voice Cause It's In Your Head [under maintenance]

High Energy, Heavy Feelings
Artists who make Music, Musicians Who Make Art
—Queens Park Railway Club

High Energy, Heavy Feelings is a limited edition dub-plate vinyl 12in pressed in Glasgow.  

Telling the tales of two narrative fictions occuring in a flat in Glasgow, spoken word by Hannan Jones, music recorded within the common space outside the Western Australian Muesum and in a 2 bedroom flat in Queens Park, Glasgow. 

Self-Released for Artists who make Music, Musicians Who Make Art curated by Dr. Ross Sinclair.


Back of the Day
Sound Thought 2017
—Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 

Back of the Day presents a diptych video and single sound installation translating current reflections on experiences of place, transit, time, and perspective.

A collaboration with sound artist and muscian Murray Collier and formed simultaneously over two locations; Australia and Scotland by each artist.

The films centres on the artists maintaining common points of reference in different environments, and the maintaining in contact with loved ones over a long distance, and across time zones. Representing two sides of a conversation, a communication between two wholly different environments.  

Presented as part of Sound Thought 2017.


To Be Continued... 
Glasgow School of Art 
—The Tontine Building, Glasgow 

It began with a casual call out to come and participate in passing on messages. Over two locations we performed the act of the game which can be known as Russian scandal, whisper down the lane, broken telephone, operator, grapevine, the messenger and/or chinese whispers.

‘To Be Continued...’ (2016) became a portrait of the members of the Glasgow School of Art, contemporary artists, makers, friends and peers playing the game.

The installation was composed of a quadrophinic sound installation, syncronished multi-channel video, two semi 18 ply hand built circlular benches  and 250 A3 gloss coated posters. 


Foreign Gestures 
—Steambox: Independent Museum of Contemporary Art [IMOCA], Dublin

Performance Score - 
Foriegn, Gesture, Repetition, Reptition, Relax

Installation of Aluminum Tape 

—The Laurieston Arches, Glasgow 

Billboard and text in collaboration with Harriet Rose Morley. 

—Gallery Unit, Glasgow

'I Open Sometime' is a collaboration between artists Hannan Jones and Rachael Simpson, together with The Savoy Centre.

The collaboration advocates an open and ongoing conversation about publicly engaged contemporary art today, allowing a reflection upon community and social functions.

At the heart of 'I Open Sometime' is language, inspired by introductions, connections, advice, stories and receptions. The work embraces conversation as art and utilises accessible materials such as video and sonic installations, text based works and playfully re-imagined everyday objects.


—The Bridge Library Easterhouse, Scotland

Compiled and inspired by text extracts of various chapters, forewords and introductions from ‘Ovid, Metamorphases, Book XII’ by A.S Kline, ‘To Rise Again at a Decent Hour’ by Joshua Ferris, ‘Days’ by Philip Larkin, ‘The House that Talked’ by Colin Pitman and ‘Loving April’ by Melvin Burgess.

The moving image is taken from various books throughout The Bridge Library and The Glasgow School of Art mixed with popular culture references, hand written notes and television advertisements.